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 Acrobatique Creative

A collection of Pittsburgh-based fashion shows curated by Richard Parsakian

Ecolution 2018

The Fairmont Hotel

April 2018


Utilize unconventional, recycled, and found materials to produce a high-end, runway look focused on the theme "Forces of Nature."

Materials: Tree Leaves, Lunaria Leaves, Copper Coffee Filters, Plastic Straws


Renaissance Hotel

September 2017


How can fashion and technology interact to create responsive or responsible wearable art? Design a technology-inspired look which showcases innovation in fashion.

Materials: Fabric, Neopixels, Conductive Thread

Model: Maci Musolino- Docherty Agency

Ecolution 2017

The Fairmont Hotel

April 2017


Integrate sustainable, recyclable, and organic materials into stellar environmentally-savvy ensembles centered around the theme "Planets - Preserving the Wonders of the Universe."

Materials: Recycled Trash Bag Plastic, Film Negatives, Solar-Powered Lights 

Model: Rachel Zabelsky- Docherty Agency



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