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Chroma injects color into our sterilized environment.

Rigid structures drip over the human form:

fluorescent matter bends to the wearer’s will.

Accentuating confidence and augmenting the body,

Chroma is true eye candy.

[Lookbook ] 



In collaboration with Alina Kramkova & Zain Islam-Hashmi 

*This collection was made possible through Carnegie Mellon University's Undergraduate Research Office & Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) Program


Collection ] 

Photo Credit:  Max Stein, Tiffany Jiang

Model:  Elijah King

Model:  Helen Cheng 

Photo Credit:  Max Stein, Tiffany Jiang

Photo Credit:  Max Stein, Tiffany Jiang

Models:  Helen Cheng, Elijah King 

Photo Credit:  Michael Henninger

Model:  Helen Cheng 

Photo Credit:  Brian Tao

Models:  Sarah Goodman, Alexandra van Praag 

Models:  Sandy Chen, Sean Xiao

Photo Credit:  Brian Tao

Photo Credit:  Fengyi Hu

Models:  Alexis Willis, Jihyon Hwang

Photo Credit:  Fengyi Hu

Models:  Jihyon Hwang, Alexis Willis




(1) Cookie Sheet 

(1) Heat Gun 


-Heating surface 

-A glorified hair dryer 

(1) Pair of Gloves 

-Occasionally substituted 

with oven mitts  

(1) Sewing Machine 

(1) Betsy 

(6) Bare Hands 

-Broke 3 times


-Adjustable dress form

-Broken and abused 

-Burned and scratched


-Sounds like a cat

screaming when used


(1) Acrylic Knife 

-Our saving grace


(1) Laser Cutter 





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