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[a casted collection]

Originating from the Latin word destruam meaning break down, de·struo draws inspiration from the materiality of concrete by utilizing rockite and plaster to create casted garments which explore the deterioration of geometry. Transitioning from man-made shapes to more organic forms, this collection tests the boundaries of casting and blurs the line between construction and fashion.  Each look  challenges the physical and situational limits of cement and plaster form making while also hypothesizing about how humans can start to integrate materials from their surrounding environments into their lives at a more personal, intimate level. The gradual dissolution of rule sets highlights the human figure in new ways; the progression from geometric and pristine to burned, cracked, and ruined brings about a new beauty that can be found by putting together the remains of rubble.

This collection was designed as part of Lunar Gala 2017: Sonder, the 21st annual student-run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University. You can read more about the organization at

*Carnegie Museum of Art ACE Hotel Fashion Show Finalist

*In collaboration with Zain Islam-Hashmi & Gargi Lagvankar

| Photo Credit: Lunar Gala Photographers |


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