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La Grande Citrouille-

| 62-275 Fundamentals of Computational Design | Fall 2015 | 1 Week |

The overarching goal of this project was to explore the possibilities of defining outdoor space, in the form of a pavilion, through the use of shapes derived from conic sections (i.e. circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas). Through iteration, the decision was made to experiment with the geometries and spatial possibilities afforded by a parabola. Variations were developed by altering the number of parabolas used in the design of the pavilion as well as the radial span of the structural modules.

            The resultant design utilizes curved members which are arrayed around a center point in two directions within a 180° span creating an overlapping lattice structure at its extents and a cone-like enclosure surrounding the center of rotation. This in turn creates two unique spaces for users to interact with: one that is open and transparent to the surrounding environment as well as a more opaque, enclosed space created in the center of the pavilion.

*In collaboration with Kelly Li



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