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Folded Garden-

| 48-200 Elaboration Studio I | Fall 2015 | 2 Weeks |

This short project investigated the use of modular hexagonal units to create a controlled growing environment for an assigned mint plant. With slight manipulations of a master unit, natural elements such as rain water, sunlight, and air were influenced in favor of the plant to help it survive through the first frost. The adaptive tab system promoted growth of the plant and, in turn, the planter itself. The units, made out of water-resistant Yupo paper, can theoretically be attached limitlessly in a number of extendable arrangements to fit the spatial needs of any plant.


In addition to the Yupo paper, the material palette included piano wire, utilized to fasten the planter to the host façade, as well as thermal plastic, which was attached to many of the units to retain heat within the planter. Thinking beyond the scope of this project, the units developed could be scaled up and fabricated in a stronger material to create thermally controlled greenhouses or architectural spaces.



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