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| 62-275 Fundamentals of Computational Design | Fall 2015 | 3 Weeks |

This project was begun by exploring of the possibilities of utilizing interlocking units to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional vertical garden. Using a basic fork unit, three interlocking units were  developed through radial manipulation, with two, three, and four arms respectively. The units, when assembled, create a series of negative spaces within the model which provide implied enclosure for plants. This also results in geometric voids through the model when viewed from various vantage points. The units can be arranged as a singular 3-d artfact as well as through intersecting different arrangements of units to create dynamic flows through the model.


In producing the final prototype, MDF sheeting was milled using a CNC Router. The limitations of the radial drill bit were incorporated into the design as both an aesthetic and functional element at the intersection points. There are endless possibilities for the assembly of the system to fit various spatial needs.

*In collaboration with Rachel Baker, Ashley Chen, & Kerrian France



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