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Aqua Pavilion-

| 48-200 Elaboration Studio I | Fall 2015 | 1 Week |

Located in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the Martin Luther King community garden, formerly a baseball field, was reclaimed by the Grow Pittsburgh organization to develop a space for local residents to grow their own produce and support local community events. This water-collecting pavilion design supports these goals while also expanding the functions and capabilities of the early-stage gardening space.

The pavilion was required to collect as much water as possible and direct it to an on-site cistern to be used to water plants and begin to reduce the need for an existent city water supply. With a budget of five thousand dollars, the decision was made to design around easily accessible and affordable building materials including treated lumber, pre-fabricated pipes, corrugated metal, plastic sheeting, and plastic tubing. The directionality of the corrugated material was used to direct water to a central collection gutter which carries water to the cistern while also collecting water through attached tubing for filling water devices near the pavilion. The design can be easily scaled to fit the spatial needs and size requirements for various community gardens.


*In collaboration with Jack Fogel, Adam Kor, & Elizabeth Levy



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