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| 48-105 Foundation Studio II | Spring 2015 | 5 Weeks |

This design-build project explored the use of wood joinery to span a distance

of 48 inches, set by the placement of two standardized support piers, without the use

of glue or fasteners. The design process was begun through explorations with materials including chipboard and paper and progressed to poplar wood for production of the final artifact.


The design explores the use of trapezoidal prism modules whose interiors are spanned with slender wood members to add both visual interest and structural support. Some pieces were deliberately extended beyond the enclosed frame of the span in calculated increments

to create a continuous, ribbed wave across the structure. The overlapping of these elements creates visually interesting nests of space within the project which help support stress points within the entire unit.


*In collaboration with Veronica Wang



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