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Bath House-

| 48-205 Studio Elaboration II | Spring 2016 | 6 Weeks |

Located in the Presidential Mountain Range of New Hampshire, The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Center Lodge serves as a destination point for both hikers making the long journey along the Appalachian Mountain Range as well as vacationers looking for a secluded getaway. This project expands the lodge’s existing facilities along Saco Lake, adding a  structure for guests to experience the ritualistic and cleansing qualities of water.


In designing this proposal, the material palette was restricted to the use of wood and concrete which were integrated in order to manipulate temperature, natural light, and programmatic sequence in favor of bathers in the ever-changing climate of the surrounding environment. The form centers around the concept of landforms and building a structure out of a depression in the landscape which appears to have been carved out by a natural force like water. Users circulate into the bath house through a central spine which protrudes into the sloped terrain. The spine allows for direct natural light to be diffused into the depths of the structure. The upper level is dedicated to the sequence of bathing with both hot and cold pools juxtaposed on one half and the warm pool on the latter, bridged together across the circulation core below. Users have visibility to the surrounding lake and engulfing forest, adding to the overall experience within the facility. 

| Upper Level Plan |

| Lower Level Plan |



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